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Toyota Highlander Hybrid Air Filter at Bones Toyota Near Rocky Mount, NC 27801

Just like your home’s air filter needs to be changed periodically, your car requires the same service as well. That is why it’s important to know when it’s time to get a Toyota Highlander Hybrid air filter replacement at Bones Toyota near Rocky Mount, NC 27801 by our expert technicians in our Service Department

It’s a well-known fact that all internal combustion engines need air to complete the process that makes your car operate. However, unwanted particles such as dirt, dust, grime, water, and even bugs, can make their way into the engine through the air intake, which can lead to problems like abrasion, corrosion, or build-up. This is why cars come with an air filter. The air filter prevents contaminants from passing into the piston chambers by trapping all of these impurities. Over time, this barrier will start getting dirty to the point where it needs to be changed out altogether.

But why is it so important to have the filter replaced? It’s because having a filthy air filter is essentially like suffocating your engine. The more saturated with grime it gets, the more it restricts the passage of air flow. A filthy and clogged air filter can cause a myriad of problems, like poor performance, depreciated fuel mileage, and reduced engine life.

Since the air filter is such an important part that contributes to your car’s efficiency to burn fuel, it’s important to make a service appointment for your Toyota Highlander Hybrid at Bones Toyota near Rocky Mount, NC 27801. Not all vehicles are created the same, though, which is why it is suggested that you check the type of filter that your car needs, as well as how often it needs to be inspected and/or replaced. The easiest way is to look it up in your Owner’s Manual. Air filters can be made of paper, foam, or cotton. Also, air filter housings may have simple fasteners and be easy to access, but others may require tools like screwdrivers, wrenches, or sockets. Some fastener types may come in the form of cartridges, screws, snaps, or buckles. Each presentation can vary according to brand, model, and year of the vehicle in question, but we can do it all here at Bones Toyota near Rocky Mount, NC 27801.

So, make sure you take advantage of our Toyota Highlander Hybrid air filter replacement service at Bones Toyota near Rocky Mount, NC 27801. Here at Bones Toyota we have the part that fits your car and trained technicians to guarantee a professional job in every service.

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Phillip Massey
Service Manager
Phillip is a lifelong resident of Halifax County and has been working for Bone's Quality for close to 2 years, but he has been working and tinkering on cars since he was a small child in his dad's garage. Phillip has been married to his wife Beth for 29 years and they have 2 children, Phillip and Ali. When he is not getting our customers cars taken care of, you'll find him in the woods hunting or on a golf course somewhere, swinging away. Come see Phillip to take care of all your automotive needs. 252-537-6161
Steve King
Service Advisor
Steve has been with Bone's Quality for 2 years, but has been in the car business an impressive 30+ years. He is a born and raised Halifax County resident, living all his life in Roanoke Rapids. He has 3 children, Teagan and twins, Ella and Evan. When Steve is not helping customers here at Bone's Quality, you'll likely find him either at the golf course or hanging out with his friends and family. Come see Steve King for all your automotive needs and concerns.
Anna Plymale
Service Advisor
Anna is working now for Bones Quality as a warranty administrator, but has worn several hats over the last year and a half. She has been in the car business for over 4 years. Anna is a resident of Halifax County, living in Roanoke Rapids all her life. When Anna's not making sure your warranty claims are paid, you'll find her either hanging with her bull dog, Colby, or spending time with her family camping and playing corn hole. Come see Anna for all your service needs. 252-537-6161
Tammy Bunch
Service Advisor
Tammy is our newest Service Advisor and comes to us with 6 years previously in the car business. She has lived here in Halifax County for most all of her life. Originally from Hobgood, Tammy now lives here in Roanoke Rapids. She has 2 children, Will and Zac. When Tammy is not advising our customers on the best way to handle their automotive needs, you'll find her reading on the beach or cheering on her beloved Dallas Cowboys. Come see Tammy for all things Automotive related. 252-537-6161
Greg Agolia
Toyota Master Tech
Greg has been employed with Quality Buick GMC & Bone's Toyota for over 21 years and is one of our most experienced Master Mechanics. He is a life long resident of Halifax County and now resides in Roanoke Rapids with his wife of 5 years, Cindy. Greg has 5 children, Danielle, Ashley, Cierra, Ruby & Patrick. When he's not solving mechanical issues at Bone's, you'll find him somewhere in the outdoors, hunting, fishing or camping with his family. Greg also enjoys playing guitar in his band, Selfinduced Confusion. Come see Greg for all of your mechanical needs. 252-537-6161
Doug Whitby
Doug has been employed here at Bones Quality as a master mechanic in training for the past 2 years, but he has been a mechanic for over 20 years. Doug has been married to his wife, Penalopie, for over 9 years and has 6 children, Kalyn, Tear, Trey, Jonathan, Allison, & Porsha. When Doug is not working on motors, you'll find him out playing with one, as he enjoys all types of motorsports. Come see Doug to get your car fixed right the first time. 252-537-6161
Mike Stanley
Mike has been a technician for Bones Quality for the past year. He is a lifelong resident of Halifax County and has been married to his wife, JoAnna for 8 years. Together they have 3 children, Gordon, Lincoln, & Josie. When Mike's not turning wrenches you'll find him at his favorite fishing hole, wetting a hook. Come see Mike for all you auto service needs. 252-537-6161
Richie Couden
Lube Tech
Richie has worked for Bones Quality just over a year, He started as a lube tech and has quickly progressed and he is now a Technician's assistant. Originally from Maryland, he moved here with his parents in 2008 and has loved Halifax County ever since. In his spare time Richie enjoys the lakes and rivers of the Roanoke Valley, being a avid fisherman. Come to Quality Buick GMC & Bone's Toyota to have some service work and chances are Richie will be on job.
Brandon Hollowell
Brandon has been working for us here at Bone's Quality for almost a year now, but has been working on cars since he was 15 years old, some 18 years ago. He's lived here in Roanoke Rapids all his life and has 2 kids, Midillyn and Braydyn. When Brandon is not taking care of our customers cars, you'll find him hanging around at the lake or tinkering on something under the shade tree. Come see Brandon for all your automotive needs. 252-537-6161
Stephen Gillfillan
Steve has been working with us for about 7 months now, but has been working in the car business for over 5 years. He is a newly wed, having married his wife, Keri, just 4 months ago. Steve is a lifelong resident of Halifax County and he calls Roanoke Rapids home. When he is not working on customers cars you'll find Steve on the water somewhere wetting a hook or on the field playing some football. Come see Steve next time you need your car serviced. He'll take good care of you. 252-537-6161
Josh Burke
Cody Birdsong
Gene Hicks
Courtesy Transportation/ Roll Back Driver
Gene has been an employee of Bones Quality for 18 years as our courtesy transportation and roll back operator & has been in the car business a total of 48 years. He has been married to his wife, Eliza for an impressive 52 years and they have two kids, Shelida & Lorenzo. In the little spare time Gene has, he enjoys riding his motorcycle, a Honda Goldwing. We hope you never need Gene's roll back services, but if you do, there is the peace of mind of knowing that a dependable, courteous guy like Gene is on the way. 252-537-6161
Bryan Evans
Bryan has been employed with Bones Quality for an impressive 22 years. He has detailed ALOT of cars in his career. Bryan is a native of Halifax County and has 1 son, Brandon. When he is not working you'll find Bryan spending time with his family. Come see Bryan for all you detailing needs. 252-537-6161